Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heart's Ease, Viola tricolor

New immigrants to the Eastern dooryard garden
It all started a few weeks ago when the Womb Garden, aka Herb Garden, aka Labyrinth Garden, House Garden, Garden of Many Names, etc. started niggling to get on with the transformation. I wandered through to assess who was still  on board and found at least 50 "herbs" still lingering in the space. More on this later!

Heads held high and colorful, the Heart's Ease, Viola tricolor, decided they would be happiest in the dooryard garden on the east side of the house. Great! It was time to renovate the collection of containers there which I told about back in April's Nature Contained blog entry. A perfect home for the sweet ally, Hearts Ease.

Hearts Ease moved from the well-loved RavenCroft Womb garden before tilling
Heart's Ease, wild pansy, Johnny Jump-Up, Love in Idleness (my favorite) Herbe de la Trinite, well loved and well traveled, this plant. After catching my attention last night whilst enjoying evensong and realizing I was sitting in the very center of Heart's Ease herself, I began to delight in the subtle flavors of each blossom as I nibbled my way through the bright colors. At first, reminding me of toothpaste, a pleasant, sweet almost minty flavor. And then, I noticed the sliminess that developed in my mouth as I chewed each blossom, soothing and calming to the mucous membranes in my mouth and I imagined all the way along their journey through my digestive system.
Heart's Ease dancing with daylily and strawberry
Dissolving, aperient, nourishing, soothing, rich in Vitamin C, these tiny flowers pack a big suitcase of support for all who delight in their company. 

This morning a swift harvest of flowers, immersion in apple cider vinegar and voila Vibrant Purple Viola Vinegar for summer salads, sunburns and general heart soothing action. Cooling, refreshing, pleasantly sweet with a happy fragrance, a delight to the senses. Next harvest syrup, then tincture, then oil, then ??? 

Voila! Vibrant Purple Viola Vinegar

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