2018 Plant Medicine Rambles Around the Salish Sea

Plant Medicine Rambles are much more than walks singling out individual plants and reducing them to what they're "good" for or how to harvest them, although, we will do some of that! These walks are a culmination of a contemplative meditation on what we're "good" for, at least in the context of a ramble through nature! How is it we came to be here? And, what the *$&?^ are we doing here, anyway!

Come find out what plants have to say…come if you're willing to have fun, be silly and learn something anyway…

"Remember, we're guests here so don't take yourself too seriously." Grandmothers of Snoqualmie Valley

Ramble with me for a day and your perception of medicine may enter a whole, new realm. A way of seeing through time how plants tell stories of place and how they appear as inhabitants of place and how we, as wondering wanderers, might be invited into their realm as guests, allies or participants of place rather than something out of place.

Join me in a ramble over some of the most beautiful paths I've tended and who have tended me for decades. You'll meet plants, hear stories and, perhaps, even find a medicine sweetly your own in the countryside, along the Salish Sea or in the foothills and mountains of Cascadia…

Each ramble is a 5 hour adventure through time and place. You'll learn common names, botanical names, and names yet to be discovered. You'll learn to hear a song emanating from earth. You'll hear stories, make up stories and leave stories behind nourishing and tonifying earth within and without.

You'll taste tastes you've never tasted. You'll smell and feel things you've never smelt or felt before. You'll hear sounds and see sights you will remember all ways…

Are you ready? Let's go!

On all rambles wear suitable clothing for engaging weather and rugged terrain. 
  • Bring lunch, snacks and beverage for personal comfort... 
  • Bring your open mind, open heart and a journal...let's see, hear, taste, smell and feel what nature has to offer...
Get your kit together and let's go ramble...

Register today, you'll be glad you did! 
Each Plant Medicine Ramble is 4 hours and cost $50. 
Plant Medicine Rambles are offered on Wednesdays!

2 Ways to register:

PayPal: paypal.me/eaglesong/50
Send a check for $50. to:
EagleSong Gardener
PO Box 837
Monroe, WA 98272

Questions?: Email eaglesong08@gmail.com

I look forward to enjoying a day in nature with you!

Lake Tradition Trail

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 10 am - 2 pm 

Meet at the High Point trail head, exit 20 on I-90, park in lot. A Discover Pass is required for lot parking.
Click here for map: http://www.ci.issaquah.wa.us/DocumentCenter/View/59
An easy ramble through deciduous forest, mixed forest and conifers. A track by the lake, through the wetlands and along a power line grade provide lots of variable habitat to meet plant allies. Nettle, elder, kinnickkinnick, Oregon Grape, yarrow and many more. Perhaps, even the elusive canis familiaris overturnus will show itself to our merry band. Bring a lunch and enjoy the story of How The Meadow Came To Be and Left Again. Bring a journal and write a taking home story.

A Meander Along the Snoqualmie River

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 10 am - 2 pm

Between Duvall and Carnation
Directions provided upon registration
Through meadows, farms and along the old railroad grade beside the river. Disturbed land, flood terrain, the old grade, the living library is abundant here. Hawthorn, wild apples, alder, amazing berries and many more plants will reveal their secrets on this ramble! We'll meaner through the Tilth Farm Incubator Project, visit with local farmers and see an interesting hedge along the way. Bring a lunch and enjoy the story of How the River Lost Her Braid. Remember your journal for the taking story home.

The Iron Goat Trail 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018  9 am - 3 pm (Note: longer day for drive time)

Stevens Pass Highway
Two hikes in one day!
A Long Hike Beneath an Old Snowshed, A Short Hike at Deception Falls Picnic Area!
Wending through the old snowshed, stories linger in the mountains to this day. Rivulets and lilies, Douglas maple, slide alder, devil's club, wild ginger and angelica genuflexa call this path home. Bring a lunch and enjoy the story of Kneeling Angelica and Her Sisters! Oh, yes, there'll be a taking home story on this one for sure…dress warm. The short hike runs through old growth trees and moss covered stones, emerald pools await...
You'll surely want your journal on this ramble!

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