2017 A Wise Woman's Herbal Journey

A Wise Woman's Herbal Journey 

This is a journey for women harboring a secret desire
for cultivating intimacy with Earth through
the sensous practice of life~

 Tasting Terroir: Foraging, Feasting, Fields and Forests 
is an experience of living into the place you inhabit,

of being one with Earth~

Do you ever wonder who you are? What you're doing here? Do you sense there is something more if you could just find the key to a doorway you cannot quite see? Do you ever wonder how to create a life with deep meaning and higher purpose?

Wise Women's Herbal Journeys are an opportunity to join with other women to experience the rich, potent history of the wisdom tradition of women through time, women today and women yet to come. 

A ritual, an offering, a shared remembrance…How do we shed tears and remain strong? How do we rejoice together and open in joy? How do we claim our health, wholeness, holiness and tend ourselves, our families, our world? How can we honor the past and sow a future as we live today?

As we remember...
we remember who we are and we remember what we've come to do on this beautiful blue-green planet hurtling through space...

It's time! Let us join together, as women, for a year and a day. Let us see each other, nourish each other, celebrate each other, the wise women we are and together, let's create our world in ways yet to be imagined… 

Are You in? 

Tasting Terroir:

Foraging, Feasting, Fields and Forests

This offering is a synthesis of my 40 years practice as an herbalist, pilgrim-adventurer, gardener, mother, grandmother and lover of life. Combined with the stories each woman brings to the table, we slowly marinate these exquisite ingredients over the course of a journey of a year and a day and simmer into a sweet and savory feast. 

Together, with earth and sky, fire and water, we set out on a journey! Marking a route, leaning into the rhythm of land and sky and sea. Together, we create a woman and earth honoring celebration complete with 
connection, ceremony, empowerment, 
that climaxes in a rendezvous with life! 
"Come, join us...
we're cookin' up mischief in the hedge with others 
passionate about life on earth!"

We gather one weekend each month
10 am Saturday to 3 pm Sunday...
Includes overnight work!
This is an offering for women only...

Over the 9 month journey 
each participant will

  • Receive bountiful instruction in herbal wisdom in the tradition of wise women, optimum nourishment, skills for tending spirit's flame
  • Get her kit together for rambles in the local river valleys, visiting farms and wild places for foraging, forest bathing, river and lake swimming and orienting to rhythms of life in sync with nature...
  • Saturday lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast, lunch are gathered at RavenCroft and in the Snoqualmie, Skykomish and Snohomish river valleys. Food is prepared to optimize natural flavor and engage the optimum nourishment the land provides…many feasts!
  • The art and science of homemade fermented food and beverage preparation; sourdough; simple dairy, cheese and yogurt making, cooking with whey...the flumdiddley kitchen will open your wildest imagination every time we gather!
  • Herbal medicines and provisions for the journey will be hand-crafted from foraged and cultivated plants each month...
  • Evenings are devoted to inner work with ceremony, dance, story medicine, art and handwork around a fire... 
  • In situations like this, song often spontaneously bursts forth! 
Are you coming?
This is a rigorous training, not for the faint of heart
You'll travel through uncharted territory;
discover what is yet to be experienced...

You are invited to: 
  • Push yourself
  • Challenge your paradigms  
  • Come together to be together 
  • With earth, with yourself, with spirit!

Is this path for you? 

Are you looking for a deepening experience beyond mind, 
into the sensuous, into the heart of matter? 
If you answered YES! to these questions, 
do consider joining us
for an opportunity of a lifetime! 

This offering is limited to a small handful of women.
You will join me as a guest at my home place, 
RavenCroft Garden in Monroe, WA
Register early to ensure your place in this journey...
Wise Woman's Herbal Journey includes
  • Fresh, local food, simple lodging and all instruction
  • Healing Wise by Susun Weed 
  • Plants for food & medicine making
  • Craft materials for assigned handwork
  • Certificate of Completion 

Participants provide: 
  • Jars and menstruums for medicine making: vinegar, vodka and honey
  • Simples for deepened experience between weekend gatherings...one pound per month
  • Notebooks, journals, etc. 
  • Botany in a Day, text for plant ID
  • Craft materials for chosen handwork
  • Camping gear and/or overnight bedding for rustic indoor housing...
  • For the first 3 weekend adventures, digital media is voluntarily disallowed…read this again! (Although, a ceremonial house will be crafted for the safe keeping of your device onsite)
  • Transportation on rambles. Carpooling works great here!

Register Today:
The 2017 WWHJ begins in February
with a commitment for a 9 month journey...
 $100. non-refundable application fee

Tuition: $TBA
 Due one month prior to start date...

Please send the following in your letter of intention to register:
  • The date, your name, address, phone number, current email, occupation, health concerns and date of birth. 
  • List your educational experiences, work positions and passion relating to herbs, health and healing. 
  • Tell me what you hope to gain from your journey. 
  • Include a $100. non-refundable application fee. Upon receipt, a phone interview will be scheduled.
  • When your application is approved, I’ll send you a letter of acceptance including directions, a list of what to bring for our first gathering and further details about the journey. 
  • In the rare event we cannot fulfill your intention, your application fee will be returned. 

Send your Letter of Intention with $100. check or money order application fee via USPS to the following address...

RavenCroft Garden
PO Box 837
Monroe, WA 98272

Questions: 360-794-2938

Green Blessings, 

EagleSong Evans Gardener

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