Monday, April 14, 2014

Nature Contained?

Well, of course, nature is far too expansive to contain and, then, with a modern physics perspective, reminiscent of grandmother wisdom, one container holds many universes! Much time spent pondering these thoughts!

Womb Garden 2004

In the mean time, we garden. Actively engaged in growing from the heart, at RavenCroft a beautiful garden called by many names Womb Garden, Spiral Garden, Herb Garden continues to evoke life in her many forms. She is the heart of RavenCroft Garden and she is undergoing a radical metamorphosis this summer.

Womb Garden transforming

Working as nature's hands and feet, I follow her direction. The sun has pulled enough moisture from earth to begin the last tilling of the Womb Garden. When RavenCroft began 22 years ago this site was the recipient of 20 yards of manure from the dairy down the road. She has been a spiral garden, a teaching herb garden with over 240 different types of plants called herbs by some and she has lived her own quiet, beautiful way for the last several years not being required to "be" or "do" anything other than enjoy a sweet spot on earth filled with dance and song and the beauty of emergence…

Womb Garden on her way to a Labyrinth 2014

This a wee tangent, "a wild and wondrous journey through time and space and back again"…May you find something in this recipe to nourish your life and garden.

imagination, creation, wonder, may we enjoy the tangents

Since the soil was dry enough for the last tilling, a cascade of events began. Plants were moving to hedges and edges, where they will continue their "work" in free form style. Then, the collection of pots near the east dooryard started rattling and calling they wanted to be part of the "new" wave of activity…Okay, let's start here with pot renewal.

Motherwort to the South Hedge

empty space

Contained soil was emptied into a wheel barrow and mixed well with aged manure, decaying leaves, lime, worm castings and a handful of organic fertilizer. Then, of a sudden, a calling from behind the barn was heard and it turned out a small forgotten pile of firewood wanted to join the contained party.

Recomposition + dinner

Slow burning sponges

Heaven only knows it was well along in the cool fire of decomposing, or perhaps re-composing, if you will, and the slow burn of this material transforms to a perfect sponge in the bottom of each pot. And, there was a luscious stand of nettle wrapped around the pile helping it along in its transformation to earth. Voila, dinner!

 Containers revived and ready for plants

Violas, St. Joanswort, marshmallow, hairy bitter cress, lemon balm, feverfew, elecampane, roadside daisy, motherwort all clambering and rejoicing as they moved from the Womb Garden to the east dooryard garden. Delighted to be once again of service, greeting the sun each morning and reassuring the world that she is remembered.

Violas and lemon balm
Motherwort, St. Joanswort, violas, marshmallow

May your garden be fruitful and filled with life! 

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