Friday, November 14, 2014

Looking Back, Walking Forward...

Welcome New Friends and Long Friends,

I'm headed to the Portland Medicine Plant Gathering this weekend and look forward to the rendezvous with new friends and long friends. It is a blessing to see the continued expansion of the herbal community over the years. One of the pleasures of this longer perspective I'm enjoying.

As 2014 begins weaving her ends together, there is much to celebrate. New gardens, new classes, new Hedge Medicine herbals and best of all the feeling of being home. When the gardens began 22 years ago, I could never have imagined all that would transpire in them! Now, they are "just right" and ready to once again open to the grace and beauty of shared intent. Perhaps, you'll find something here that speaks to you and we'll journey together for a while as the story continues to unfold...

And, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year!
  • Fedges and Podges are coming to the flumdiddley kitchen school
  • A wholly new Live-In Apprenticeship offering, LIA, will unfurl her wings in 2015 
  • A week of stove building with a master craftsman from Holland 
  • A guest presenter with cutting edge Women's Health from Europe
  • A wholly new Healing From the Ground Up Herbal Apprenticeship…awaits intrepid explorers, broader and deeper than in year's past
  • HerbWalks at the sea, in the mountains and along the rivers in our bio-region
  • Women's Moon Circles continue offering a place for women to gather 'round a fire once a month
  • And, twice each year, Wise Woman Labyrinth Infusions provide an experiential connection to women's ancient healing wisdom, earth medicine and the goddess within
  • Field trips and classes in the Snoqualmie Valley at farms, parks and wild places
  • More events, classes and opportunities lie ahead
  • The bi-monthly Walking Seeds Newsletter will be out this December filled with herbal information, recipes, garden tips, seed saving and much more...

Mark Your Calendars!

Pacific Women's Herbal Gathering 
Unleashing the Wisdom of Women and Plants 
September 24th ~ 27th