Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Wellness Adventure to Remember

The adventure began months before I boarded the flight from Seattle to San Jose, Costa Rica. I committed to the support team for Susun Weed's Wellness Adventure in July 2014. Like planting bulbs in fall and anticipating the delight of seeing them bloom in the spring, the commitment brought with it feelings of anticipation and the excitement of a pending adventure months before the actual journey began.

When I disembarked the plane, a magnificent hand-painted ox cart was a hearty welcome to a small, verdant country with a rich and colorful history. An especially magical greeting, given the small carts dreams which have visited me through out much of my life.

After landing in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, I caught a cab to Hotel Volcanes. Here the gracious and unpretentious accommodations were a pleasant respite before heading out to the Nicoya Peninsula. I felt comfortably at home with the indoor-outdoor gardens in the courtyard and dining room at the center of the hotel.

The next morning back to the airport for a hop flight over Nicoya Bay to Tambor on the peninsula. As the small plane took off from San Jose, we shouldered into a strong side wind and headed off to an unscheduled pick-up at a remote hotel. The unfolding excitement of a true adventure gathered momentum with a bush pilot landing at the hotel's rustic dirt runway!

The half hour flight was a great way to get my first glimpse of the 
Nicoya Peninsula's abundant, beautiful beaches.

Stay tuned…as we travel to Casa Smythe and the elegant Blue Zone B next...

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rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

What a wonderful start to ~ what I imagine was ~ a great adventure! Looking forward to hearing more.