Friday, March 21, 2014


After a long, meandering journey to many places far and near, it feels great to be back home and settling into a garden. A garden and gardener changed toward the wild side and surely as splendid as ever.

The land everywhere breathes a rich and vibrant green in this moment. I delight with each in-breath as my lungs fill with Her life giving gift.

Forsythia and wild plum dance their yellow and white shades in the east hedgerow. Big leaf maples stand in magnificent grandeur to the south, open arms fully extended. On the verge to the west, the earliest shoots of that wild yellow water iris inch toward sun a bit more each day. North is held well by limbs of a great fir bedecked with ten thousand cones reminding us of Her ever generous unfurling abundance.

Please enjoy a meander through the pages of this virtual garden. Like gardens everywhere it will constantly change, ever emerging, resting, turning. Take your time, leave a message if you like.

Thanks for coming, may you find something of beauty on your journey.

In Beauty,

EagleSong Gardener
Director of Natural Beauty
RavenCroft Garden & the flumdiddley kitchen school

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